Dear Brigitte Bardot

Dear Brigitte Bardot!


are absolutely inadequate.

is one of them.


initiated but they are underage, so the case is highly likely to be closed.

t. Medical examination at the veterinary clinic showed that the cat was almost larded with air pistol bullets. There were more than 10 bullets in its head. The cat died in the clinic.


the slaughter.

t was tied to the tree. The animal died from blows.

him and asking him to stop the car.

In Tyumen region a farm family tried to kill their dog. They tied it to the bumper of their car and dragged it along the road. The dog survived miraculously. But it is still in serious condition.

unknown people have put a cat into a plastic bag and buried it alive.

fell to the ground and was injured. Then the man made his son go downstairs and take the dog back to home. The dog’s whining irritated the suspect so he threw it off the balcony once again. Then he went downstairs and tried to strangle the poor animal.

receive a suspended sentence.

death. But the murderer got just an insufficient fine.

cursory penalties.


Or by restriction of liberty for up to one year, or by detention for up to six months.


p in the country’s legislation.


We respectfully request the Russian government:

as mid-level cases and punished by restriction of liberty for between three to five years. The offences described in the second part of the article should be recognized as felonies and punished by restriction of liberty for between five to ten years.

change the status of animals in the Civil Code from «things» to «living creatures».

for the Protection of Animals.

with the help of animals.


To establish animal shelters in each urban and region settlement. The participation of animal protection organizations and volunteers in the work of animal shelters should be obligatory.

ing animals to extremism.